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Personal Statement For A Medical School

The human body is an extraordinary and very interesting mechanism featuring a lot of inimitable properties that have been studied since ages.

Indeed, medical science is one of the most sophisticated areas of the human knowledge, so it is really difficult to make a career of a qualified doctor that people can trust. Nonetheless, I believe this endeavour is worth investing all your efforts and time. Undoubtedly, we all would like to see many great doctors around us. This can make us feel safe.

Though challenging and sophisticated, medicine is a very interesting discipline to me and best personal statements are necessary. I realize that, to gain necessary professional skills, a student should learn and practice on a daily basis.
I am interested in biological sciences too. Learning both pathological processes and techniques to treat them pharmacologically is really very fascinating.

All chemical processes in the human body are very interesting to me, in particular the way the neuron system operates within our brain. I would really like to learn and understand it well. I plan to study neurobiology deeper because how the brain functions is a highly interesting subject to me.

However, I am especially fascinated with pharmacology. This science deals with both normal and pathological sides of all physiological processes in the human body. Along with that, I would like to study genetics, pathology and the mind.

I have some experience of work as a volunteer in the regional San Jose hospital and in Kaisar Permante hospital. For me, it was really a great and very important experience. During my work, I had an opportunity to communicate with patients, doctors and nurses. I was really motivated to see several MRI scans, skin biopsy and many other interesting things.

After this work, I had no more doubts about my choice of future occupation. It will be definitely related to pharmacology. My interest in pathology and overall medical science has become more powerful.
I also have the important experience of work in a large group and in a professional team.

As for other, not medical, domains of my life, I am happy to have some experience in such fields as business, IT and public relations. It gave me a lot of useful skills and understanding of my future perspectives.
I was a dedicated pupil at school and passed my academic examinations well. My MCAT and GPA scores can prove this assertion.

I am open to new challenges and many other discoveries that, I am sure, wait for me on my professional road. I am looking forward to studying new subjects because I don’t know enough in the medical field as yet. I really want to make my dream true and become a medical professional to help people and make this world better and healthier.

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