England Schools Where Children Dream To Study

Nothing prevents you from making plans and bookmarking the best foreign schools. Among them are Bradfield, Oundle and Winchester. These English schools are firmly anchored on the radar of parents teaching children. And if you haven’t decided whether to send the child to England yet, test the school this summer. During vacations in Bradfield, Oundle and Winchester, children can take courses in academic and spoken English, MINT, debate, leadership, art, tennis, and football without exams.

  • Secondary education
  • Age: 13-18 years old
  • School type: learning together

Bradfield School in Berkshire


is a rural idyll and fertile ground for breeding future leaders and citizens of the world. Here the children are taught values ​​that will stay with you forever: curiosity, innovation, comprehensive education. Bradfield College’s amphitheater has been playing plays in ancient Greek since 1881 and the food is so delicious that the school canteen has its own Instagram.

Headmaster Chris Stevens likes to repeat: “We have a Bradford, but many Bradfields”. Because here the personality of every student is important. The question “Where are you from” seems to be finally out of date: the modern Bradfield College is a single community of English and foreign students, from Londoners and local families. One student’s mother confesses: “If your child is offered a place in Bradfield, grab him with both hands, you are very happy!” In Bradfield it is quite difficult to pass exams Giving interviews and registering at this school starts three years before the start of education, but during the summer holidays, children have the option to come to Bradfield College without tests to study and live like real English people in a pension .

Summer program
10-13, 14-16 years
July 4th-15th August 2020 (2,4,6 weeks)

The Bradfield School organizes a summer program for ambitious young people who want to feel like “citizens of the world”, who want to become more confident and how to dress up in English. Debates, teamwork, research on global issues and project protection await the participants.

In the free time creative learning, British sports, tennis, golf, riding lessons. Weekend trips to London, Oxford and bath.

Secondary education
Age: 11-18 years old
School type: learning together

Oundle School

Oundle School

The 15th-century school buildings of the Oundle School are scattered in the picturesque town of Undle, where children line up for donuts at the local bakery and race after classes in the coffee tavern for cheese chips. Incidentally, Oundle does not support the half-times that schools sometimes go by offering flexible boarding or half-boarding. Learn here – either in the pension or during the day. As a result, a friendly and lasting community.

Oundle School aims to educate confident, educated, humble but ambitious personalities. Traditional food is eaten here, and sports, art and drama are a mandatory part of the schedule. More than 60% of the students learn a musical instrument and about 25 people go to Oxford or Cambridge every year.

The school’s philosophy adheres to five basic values: students, staff, opportunities, community and quality. A student is at the center of every decision made at the Oundle School.

Oundle infrastructure is a dream for every athlete. Playing fields, gyms, tennis courts, swimming pools – all of this will be made available to the participants of the Oundle sports school during the summer holidays.

Summer program
11-17 years old
June 28 – August 1, 2020 (2,3,4 weeks)

For those who love sport and want to improve spoken English, the Oundle School offers a combination: three hours of English per day plus three hours of sport under the guidance of an experienced trainer. Language lessons and training are available for children of all levels of difficulty – from beginners to advanced.

Sports options: horse riding, basketball, tennis, dancing, soccer at the Arsenal Football School.

Secondary education
Age: 13-18 years old
School type: School for boys

Winchester College

is the oldest private community school in England. It was founded over 600 years ago by Bishop William Wickem, who wanted to raise a new generation of educated men who were ready to serve society and replace priests and officials who died from the plague.

Today Winchester College is one of the most prestigious schools for boys. The classes on global perspectives are conducted by an ex-diplomat, and in addition to studying politics and international relations, young men convey curiosity and leadership

Top US Universities: Online Summer Courses

Understand the mechanisms of computer vision and artificial intelligence at Harvard, discover the passion for screenwriting and journalism at Yale, try your hand at the film industry under the supervision of professors from the University of Columbia: this year to take summer courses at the best American universities without leaving home!


You are in high school and you wish to attend a foreign university? Or are you a student at a Russian university and planning to take master’s programs in the United States and England? So, you should definitely add summer courses at Ivy League universities to your checklist. It’s a great opportunity to gain practical knowledge from world education leaders, broaden your knowledge in the field you are interested in, or try something new.

How summer courses are organized

Each year, the best universities in the United States invite high school and university students from all over the world to their campuses. Students can choose a general course to learn about the profession and experience the academic atmosphere of the best American university, or they can take a course with a narrower specialization and work on a specific subject.

The duration of the courses varies: from short (1 to 2 weeks) to longer (up to 8 weeks). The courses take place on campus according to all the rules of the learning process: Conferences and seminars, discussions, independent work, certificates – all this in real time.

This year, the situation is special: some programs had to be canceled or postponed, but many universities have translated the summer programs into electronic format. The summer programs of prestigious Ivy League universities have become more accessible, and for Russian students this is a huge advantage.

What are the summer courses at the best universities in the United States

Teaching with teachers from Harvard or Yale is an opportunity to learn what the real benefits of the American approach to higher education are. You will feel like a real student at a prestigious Ivy League university: assess the academic level and understand how the teacher-student relationship is structured.

From microbiology to robotics, from Hollywood history to financial analysis, universities offer dozens of courses of varying complexity. You can improve your knowledge on a subject close to the specialty to which you wish to register in the future and familiarize yourself with the discipline that you must learn during the first year. Graduate students can choose a narrow area of ​​their scientific interests in order to use the knowledge acquired during the writing of their thesis. You can combine unknown objects to broaden your horizons and create an individual program for yourself.

The summer program is an excellent practice of English, an opportunity to develop academic writing skills and to become familiar with a specific vocabulary. A particular advantage of studying at Ivy League University is a very successful line on your CV, which will increase your chances of entering a foreign university. This is particularly true for American admissions offices, which greatly appreciate the applicant’s extracurricular activities.

Online programs this summer

Harvard University

you can study Chinese and Czech, Irish folklore, digital photography, genetics, neurobiology and many other subjects in addition to basic subjects such as general chemistry, writing creative and programming. Most classes start on June 22 and 23. The deadline for submitting applications for student programs is May 15, for students June 18.

  • Examples of university courses
  • Experimental chemistry
  • Video production
  • Legal letter
  • IT and economics
  • Introduction to digital photography

Columbia University

columbia university

offers programs in the humanities, foreign languages, African American research and even theater. The summer courses take place in two sessions: from May 26 to July 2 and from July 6 to August 14. Deadline for the first session – May 15, for the second – June 26.

  • Examples of university courses
  • Religion and history of Hip-Hop
  • Game theory
  • Manage financial risks
  • Intensive Latin course
  • Environmental sustainability management

Yale University programs offer the opportunity to learn about research in biology, archeology, art, computer science, anthropology and more. Classes start June 29 and program ends June 3